The true history of humans is being revealed to us by various star beings, as well as Caeayaron and Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great. You can find all the information you need at:

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  • Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great is the highest being created by consciousness itself and is love force energy. It is his energy that is life force energy. Emmanuel means "sun consciousness".

  • Great Caeayaron, the greatest archangel in creation, whose names means "creator of light frequencies or light flows", is pure magnetic power. Think Schumann Resonance Scale for proof of his existence as he re-aligns his lower self with his higher self. He is the creator of consciousness and this is done using light grids. Each being is a light grid and each is attached to a collective grid. For humans it is the earth grid which holds collective consciousness. 

  • Laeayaraesea, whose name means "rising sun consciousness" is known, in this incarnation, as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. In other incarnations she was known as Jesus, Gandhi, Moses to name a few. This being, The Blue Archangel of Creation was created by both The Great Father and Great Caeayaron because their individual energies repel each other and they needed a being who was neutral to allow them to communicate and work together to create. She is the only being in creation who can reach all frequencies and that is why she is here on this plane to help humanity to escape to the higher realms. She is also known as The Divine Love Element.

  • Jehovah / God / Yahweh, the Lemurian, the being demanding worship is the self-appointed god of judgement. He is the creator of all religions. He is incarnate, at this time, as the original channel of Kryon and is challenging Caeayaron for control of creation. His higher self is Lucifer, also known as Satan and, by the star beings of great love, as Luci Soul Sucker, because he stole life force energy from trillions of star beings. He was Ramses II, many caesars, Henry VIII and Hitler.

  • Metatron, the archangel who helped to create the light grid* known as the earth grid. Metatron resigned from Team Dark according to the terms of earth game, in December 2017 when The Divine Love Element won back the universal love codes. He was created without the love code, in order to serve Team Dark thus allowing earth game to play out. From the perspective of Divine beings of love it was the fulfillment of the cosmic law to test out all thoughts. This has now been completed and there is nothing further to test. Hence earth game is over. Metatron is cleansing himself and revealing the antics of Team Dark to entrap the humans. Archangels create the infrastructure for creation to exist within.

  • Thoth, the Atlantean, who is the self-appointed god of the underworld and who has kept humanity in an energetic environmental blend of 50% fear and 50% love which is known as yin / yang or duality. He is the creator of all dark spirituality. He has also challenged Caeayaron for control over creation and ensnared The Divine Love Element in what people know as the flower of life. This energy tool has now been reversed and is starving the dark universes of life force energy. Thoth is also known as Ifa, Tehuti, Djehuti, Hermes Trismegistus, Quetzcoatl, Mercury, Ningishzida.   


*Light grids are necessary to create existence.

  • The highest light grid, at the level of Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great, is known as the universal light grid.

  • The light grid, created for Lemuria by Caeayaron, is known as the crystalline grid and it resonates at the frequency experienced as love consciousness.

  • The light grid around the earth plane is the earth grid and it is a very low, dense frequency because it is designed to harvest the fear created within humans. The experience the humans have at this frequency is fear consciousness.  This includes such things as poverty consciousness, greed consciousness, separation consciousness, victim consciousness. The earth grid is known to humans as ley lines, though its purpose is not understood by humans. Caeayaron has had to explain this.

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