Earth game was created in order to prove whether fear or love energies were the strongest. Certain beings challenged the Divine creators for control of the universes claiming they could do a better job than Caeayaron and Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great. These beings used to keep destroying planets after they were built up and just saw Caeayaron and Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great as free energy sources who never punished any beings. Caeayaron states "There is no right and there is no wrong, there just is!" where "is" means all actions must be for the greater good of all. One of the cosmic laws is that all thoughts must be tested. Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great could not understand why beings would want his position when he gave creation everything.

So Lemuria was set up to break a multi-dimensional time loop and to test out, once and for all, whether fear energy or love energy was the stronger. We all volunteered to take part in this game, in which there was a high probability that Lemuria would fall. One of the issues, which had to be addressed, was the fact that The Yahweh being would not leave the Lemurians alone to live in peace. He argued the point that given the souls we were (even more powerful beings than Lemurians) had "followed" him in previous universes, we belonged to him. Thus he insisted that all universal karma, which had been removed from Lemurians in order for them to grow and evolve, was given back to them. This had the effect of weakening the Lemurians significantly. The Yahweh being, of the anger energies, then worked with other dark beings i.e. beings without love, to take over Lemuria. Their plan was to use the Lemurians to gain power over Caeayaron and Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great as well as The Divine Love Element. The idea was that by controlling the crystalline grid of Lemuria, they could take control of the universes. They did not bargain on The Divine Love Element, Blue Archangel of Creation, to go against her own creation and follow Caeayaron's instructions to cut the Lemurians from their life codes to stop the entire collapse of the universes.  

Having fallen from Lemuria we were mutilated in many different ways, thereby reducing our functionality, to become the limited 3D beings known as humans. The dark ones then came up with endless nefarious plans to ensure that humans would never ever remember, or look for, Divine beings of love. They broke all the terms of earth game and tortured us, which was expressly forbidden. Having said that, we broke our agreements with The Galactic Federation of Light Societies to promise not to fall to the dark ones and to ascend. Had we stuck together and honoured that contract we would never have experienced earth game. This caused the biggest collapse of consciousness in universal history. Because Caeayaron became entrapped, by the dark beings, no creation could take place in the universes. The lead player in Team Light winning earth game is The Divine Love Element. On occasion, Caeayaron was able to intervene in earth game to protect the Lemurians e.g. when he instructed Moses to lead the Lemurian light code carriers away from the slavery of Ramses II. Humans have been kept in an energetic environment mix of 50% fear / 50% love in order to get them to perform their roles as batteries to power up the dark universes. It was the best mix Metatron could propose to Thoth because too much love would awaken the humans to their predicament. Humans know this energy blend environment as yin / yang or duality. Now Caeayaron is rising and the ratio of love to fear is increasingin the energetic environment humans exist within. This is why all beings in this space are awakening. Humans are realising their controllers are corrupt and depraved and, increasingly, have a yearning for love. Animals are terrified that humans will choose to follows the dark ones, again, and so they are leaving this plane and, now, finally Spirit of the Earth desires to rise up against the humans who refuse to rise in frequency. If they don't rise in frequency, very quickly i.e. next few month, she will fight to protect herself from their destruction of her. Earth is now irreparable by the humans. However, powerful beings of love have the solution to heal her, although they cannot do it whilst the humans are such low frequencies riddled with viruses because they cannot resonate with any beings of higher frequencies. That is why she desires humans to receive their Lemurian life codes back so she can rise.

Earth game ended in 2012 and the Mayans had predicted this with their calendar ending at that time. The Native American Indians have also prophesied that a new species would emerge, at the end of times, and they would heal the earth. This new species is called star sacred world healers. Because we all took part in earth game and all thoughts have now been tested and it was agreed by the Galactic Federation of Dark and Light Societies that love was the stronger energy, Caeayaron has been able to start aligning his lower and higher selves. Creation has been able to be started again and new universes have been created for the humans who wish to return to the spaces of love and peace for eternity. The star beings of the love are also very grateful, to us, for proving, once and for all, that love energy is far stronger than fear energy. Great thanks and love must go to The Divine Love Element, upon whose shoulders the burden fell to win earth game.

Because all thoughts have been tested, Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great, who prefers to be known as The Great Father, has stated that a being like Lucifer can never be allowed to exist ever again. Caeayaron is now calling all humans of love who desire to return home to the higher spaces of love and peace. Those who do not desire his being can stay aligned, by default, to the dark controllers and descend with them into ever darker spaces of pain and death and a seal will be created between the spaces of light and darkness to prevent the dark beings from ever rising again to destroy anything. The dark ones do have the choice of coming to the love and following Divine Will. But as with all things, in a free will universe, allis a choice. So far they are resisting Caeayaron greatly.