Never, in the history of humanity, has there ever been peace and love upon this plane. In fact, the concept of love is so remote that Jesus and Gandhi were tormented and killed for their messages. Love is derided on this plane. There is a war being waged upon every aspect of human existence, as humans are being downgraded into zombies and artificial intelligence. It is for this reason The Great Choice is being offered to humans by Caeayaron. Think about it:

  • Identity and Law - It starts at birth when one's strawman is created under Admiralty Law or the Law of the Sea, and one becomes the possession, or employee (citizen), of the country one is born into, which itself is a corporation. Thus one is subject to endless extractions of energy e.g. fines, taxes, licences in order to become a "contributing member of society". Society itself, in its current design, is nothing but a system of energy extraction. Please see videos like "Strawman - the Nature of the Cage" and discussions by freemen of the land.

  • Banking and Finance - Money is an illusion and is a tool of control of the population to extract energy from the people. In the United Kingdom, according to the 1925 Gold Standard Act, it is illegal for the Bank of England to exchange the notes of legal tender for something like gold. People actually believe the paper, or increasingly plastic notes, have value. Hence the illusion perpetuates. Mortgages, which can only be created based upon the earnings of the people, despite banks peddling the idea they are weighed down by excess cash which they need to make work for them, are nothing but jail cells and energy extraction devices. If you think that in countries where mortgages do not exist as a concept, property prices are not multipliers of annual salaries.

  • Medical Industry - "Big Pharma" whose products kill people, on various scales i.e. Agent Orange and chemotherapy, and who keep people sick are government approved. They all have negative side-effects. Iatrogenic deaths and deaths from allopathic medicines lead the list of causal factors for highest death rates. The 1939 Cancer Act, in the United Kingdom, highlights the long-term planning of the controllers of this planet. Who would imagine legislation would exist? Why would one create legislation for a sickness? Why are people being persecuted, and killed, for using products which heal people from cancer? Sick humans don't ask too many questions.

  • Education Industry is the indoctrination system used to bring humans into conformity and obedience to a system of abuse run by depraved psychopaths. It makes absolute sense that humans, from their teen years upwards, take to addictions, of any type, in order to escape "reality". There is no permission for humans to have initiative, except within a very limited range and one can see that through the psychological profiling of people i.e. the range of personality profiles is extremely limited.

  • Morality is governed by tools of religion and spirituality. These tools either inspire fear into the people or they give people permission from avoiding the facts of human society such as poverty, generational slavery. Both tools tell the humans they are responsible for their own misery and they have all they need to pull themselves together to create peace on this plane. Yet that flies in the face of the evidence that political leaders will NEVER allow the people to live in peace, after all when has there ever been peace on this planet?. It is the theft and hoarding of money by The Illuminati, which causes poverty and famine on this plane.

  • Centralisation of food and utilities which forces people down a certain behavioural pathway. By taking control of food production and the provision of all services the controllers can introduce any processes or products which will control the humans e.g. fluoride in water. These are perfect methods to use to introduce nanotechnology into human bodies using drinking water and food. Humans use these methods to get their animals to ingest drugs too.

  • Technology is used to dumb humans down. People are thinking less and less and are become increasingly vacuous i.e. endless selfies, need apps to help them spell etc. and this is creating a world of zombies. 5G is to be rolled out to control human emotions and thus their behaviour without their awareness. Artificial intelligence is being peddled as the future to expanding human thinking capacity and in certain countries RFID chips are either being forced on to society i.e. to be able to get jobs in certain countries, babies are being chipped to "prevent their theft from hospitals" or sold successfully to "enlightened societies" such as the Nordic countries wherein the people boast about being chipped. Cars now do more and more thinking for the drivers and this causes people to lose confidence in their own abilities to cope. See The Fourth Industrial Revolution as per the website of The World Economic Forum.

  • Mass Programming through various media, including films is used to shape thinking. Look at the initiatives on the website of The World Economic Forum and see how they are "shaping" all aspects of human existence. The flicker rate of visual media is designed to put folks into hypnotic alphas brainwave states thus making them receptive to the main message and subliminal messages,which themselves control behaviour at all levels. This can be seen by the routines people adapt in order to function "well" in society i.e. brush your teeth; get a job; go to work; eat three times a day; wash yourself; spend! spend! spend! use fertilizers; use deodorant; wear make-up; buy a TV; celebrate Xmas, Diwali, Easter, Eid, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Holi, birthdays; abide by the rules of Lent, Passover, Ramadan, mourn death....the list is endless. Does anybody stop to consider why programming is required?

  • Reductionism is a wonderful tool to get the people to look down rabbit holes for answers when an holistic approach is required to identify the problem. In many fields there are specialists and these specialists are clueless about the impacts of their inferences and hypotheses on the rest of the organism, be that is the human body or society as a whole. History, as taught in schools, is a lie so that humans are ignorant of their origins. However, evidence exists that humans do not have the capability to even reconstruct megalithic structures, let alone understand their functions. History is littered with stories of beings and aliens, who were more powerful than the humans but those snippets are dismissed as myths. Science is full of theories and a few facts e.g. The Theory of Evolution, The Big Bang Theory, The Theory of Economics, The Theory of Everything, The String Theory etc.If one bases one's perspective on a theory then one can wander forever in rabbit holes which never lead to a holistic understanding of the full picture. However, truthseekers are doing an amazing job of joining all the dots and they have arrived at the conclusion that humans are created and enslaved by gods who demand worship.