This is the end of times of human consciousness. This means humans will cease to exist within the next few years. It is clear that very aspect of human consciousness is under attack, by the controllers of this plane. Humans are owned by the controllers and will be forced down the path of of their choosing. It is evident that the controllers hate humans and hence one has concepts such as human rights. If one looks into MK Ultra, satanic ritual abuse and Luciferianism one is under no illusion that the controllers are depraved cruel beings.

World leaders are great actors keeping people in perpetual states of anxiety by manufacturing a range of issues like external threats, epidemics, going to war, creating famines, keeping people in poverty and generating financial chaos to the point where this world has never known peace. At what point do the "educated" ones wake up to the patterns and the facts i.e. nobody is attacking The West, this planet is dying given the rates of extinction of animals and the wholesale destruction of forests, all aspects of human consciousness are under attack?


Think of societies which have facial recognition software in the streets and shops, biometric technology, heavy programming via the flicker rate of television and film, to the point where humans are not even aware that they have an inner knowing which is valid and is their truth or that their thoughts do not belong to them.


In fact, the deeper one looks the more one understands that the human form is the sheep's clothing behind which lie a number of consciousness', many of which are extremely destructive. Think about colleagues at work who have no desire to deliver high quality products and are instrumental in driving chaos into the organisation using tactics of fear and bullying as well as suppression of innovation and proactivity. Think of organisations which demand:

  • one has an identity card to access different parts of the building

  • that one passes through x-rays to enter the buildings or

  • spying on employees using technology

  • all telephone calls are monitored

  • insertion of RFID chips are required in order to work within the organisation 

  • signing of non-disclosure agreements "for reasons of competition" whilst regulators "demand transparency"

 How is it logical to imagine that if one hooks a brain to a computer the controllers will act with integrity towards the human if one has to fight for human rights which are continuously ignored? It is naive, in the extreme, to delude oneself that beings of integrity and love run this plane of pain, war, famine, slavery, sickness, death and chaos.

What humans are not aware of is they took part in a "game", millions of years ago, to establish whether love energy or fear energy was the stronger. We did this to bring a halt, once and for all, to the never-ending destruction being brought to the universes by the dark beings i.e. the beings who do not hold love within them. We were powerful star beings of great love, as Lemurians, and because the collective chose for the lies of the dark ones, we were part of the greatest collapse of consciousness in creation. The Mayans knew all about earth game because their calendar was counting down earth game to end in 2012. It's an extremely complicated story but one aspect is that humans decided to align with the beings of love and thus Caeayaron is running his Divine Ascension Programme to enable those who wish to live in peace and love to move into the realms controlled by him. If humans had not asked for help from the Divine beings of love, Caeayaron would not be here to help them out of Prison Planet. He is revealing all things and is explaining things like, the true history of humanity which includes DNA mutilation, the reality of human existence, the mutilation of the brains of powerful star beings to create the very limited linear minds of humans, the loss of functionality as a consequence of the mutilation, the structure of the universe, how energy works and how beings in the higher realms (higher frequencies) exist as well as what they think of humanity.

The Great Choice is thus whether one chooses for the peace and the love or whether one chooses to continue to align with the dark beings. If one wants to align with beings of great love and integrity, one is required to receive one's Lemurian life codes from Caeayaron, through The Blue Archangel of Creation. The reason for this is because Caeayaron is separating the dark beings from those who desire love. I, for one, do not wish to have destructive consciousness anywhere near me for the rest of eternity. I want to be in spaces wherein all beings love each other, work together for the good of all, have power to explore and create, enjoy free will to simply be and do so without judgement. I am done with the merry-go-round of pain, fear, injustice, greed, slavery, cruelty, sickness, depravity, cunning, lies, reincarnation and the inability to leave these spaces because humans are trapped. Humans are riddled with viruses from their programming and need to be healed before they can resonate with the higher frequency realms of peace and love. The Divine Ascension Programme enables the star babies, activated to whichever level i.e. I, 2 or 3, to be put into the quarantine zone known as the healing grid of The Crystalline Grid of Lemuria, because Lemuria is being re-created for those who choose to ascend. The star babies also come under the protection of The Great Mountain of Light, who is Caeayaron, and he will protect his creation from the dark ones, which he can do because he is an extremely powerful being of love. Given love force energy, not to be confused with the emotion humans call love, is the highest frequency, then beings of love are far more powerful than the dark ones who are lower frequencies. Further, because the dark ones broke every rule of earth game, those who choose to ascend can claim back all that was stolen from them over millions of life times and this reduces the power of the dark ones. It is for this reason the dark ones do not want humans to be aware of The Great Choice because they wish to retain control over the humans. In fact if they can cause the earth plane to descend by destroying it, then humans will be trapped forever.


The programme to downgrade human consciousness which is known as The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Hence within a few years humans will cease to exist. As one can see, the descension programme to dumb down humans, roll out 5G and connect human brains to computers is gathering pace. The question is do you want peace and love for eternity or do you want to continue to experience pain and fear, sickness, cruelty etc? Do not think that death will free you from this choice because the dark ones "own" your spirit selves too, hence reincarnation which is a form of slavery.

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