Angelic Healing

As a star sacred world healer I have the base frequencies which enable Caeayaron to confer higher frequencies to enable me to become a magnetically attuned healer. This means I have the power to ground the energies, from the angels in the love realms i.e. (high frequency realms) who do the healing. The old environmental energy mix was 50% fear / 50% love. This was designed by Thoth and is known as duality, or yin / yang. The idea was to ensure that humans would not awaken to their predicament. Now Caeayaron, who is pure magnetic force, is rising, the environmental mix includes an increased proportion of love flows and thus humans are awakening and desire love to come to this plane. Because of the shift in energies certain energy modalities, which were valid in the lower frequency environment, no longer work in the higher frequencies. Thus angelic healing is the highest energy healing modality on this plane at this time.


I am electing to perform remote healings only.

Love Teacher

During the 7 week classes, CAEAYARON will give you blessings to help you understand how ‘REAL’ he is, if you desire, with your heart, to understand how ‘real’ Divine Love is.
You will be surprised at the teachings. You will love learning new energy techniques and how your family also can experience greater love because of the exciting new knowledge you will learn.
If you desire to learn more and become a Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON, you will become incredibly blessed, both in this lifetime and in all your eternal lifetimes coming. Learn why, and begin to experience the spiritual love with your Universal Love Teacher.

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