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  • I grew up a member of the ruling minority in Zimbabwe, immersed in war at all levels of society, surrounded by extremely high levels of poverty as well as not understanding the injustice against my compatriots and friends, whose rights had been stripped from them by the ruling minority. I was educated at The Dominican Convent for most of my school years.
  • As a child, I came to the terrifying realisation that I was on the plane of limitations. I was incensed as I came to this realisation and I was told by my guides that I was here to learn to manifest consciously because when one goes to the higher realms manifestion happens at the speed of thought. On that basis I accepted the lesson I was here to master and continued with my life experiences.
  • I read Paul Gallico's book The Man who was Magic and I knew that somehow such beauty and connection existed somewhere and my heart was in such pain wondering why such beauty did not exist on this plane and not knowing how to get to such love and beauty.
  • I have also always known I was here for all of my future lives. I had no clue what I would have to do during this life time other than knowing I had to pay attention because of going up in my future lives.
  • I was also extremely concerned, as a child, that I had to be awake for when Jesus arrived and I worried myself sick wondering how I would recognise him.
  • I can remember being furious when the nuns said that on the cross Jesus asked "My god! My god! Why hast thou foresaken me?" I knew that Jesus never spoke such words because he knew why he was on the cross.
  • I used to listen to the nuns and the priests at school saying "The Lord said x, y or z!" and I can remember thinking to myself, "The Lord is perfectly capable of talking for himself and until I hear him talking I am not listening to a word you have to say!!!"
  • I used to love spending time in the school chapel and wanted to serve a concept of great love which I carried within me and which The Church assured me was God.
  • I railed against the violence and depravity of eating the body and blood of Jesus.
  • I can remember, throughout my adolescence, going out to plead with the stars at night asking for them to give me the power to bring peace to the people on this plane.
  • In my mid-twenties, given I had been programmed as Catholic, I realised I was quoting my religious indoctrination without ever having read The Bible. So in an attempt to understand what sin is and how to lead a good life, I read The Bible, from cover to cover. I determined three things: a) I could not understand why The Bible is written with words I did not understand b) I found it contradicted itself c) I did not like the violent mercurial character God but, at the time, I had no clue if there were any further options available.
  • Then when Dan Brown's book The Da Vinci Code was released I read the book whose authors had taken Dan Brown to court for plagiarism. The book, entitled The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail, by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln, makes the hypothesis that Jesus did not die on the cross. I "knew" they were correct.
  • When I heard Caeayaron channelling through The Word, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, at the beginning of 2017 and I heard him talking about The Divine Pineal Gland Activations, all the bells and whistles went off in my body. This was it! This was what I had come to this life for. I had no clue who Suzanna was or Caeayaron, for that matter. Then I discovered that Suzanna was channelling a being named Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great. I wondered who this was and then it dawned on me that Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great was the creator of all things, not the one peddled by The Catholic Church known as God.
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