1: Learning to flow with love and harmony
In this lesson you will learn how to bring in very high love energies to bring healing to your life. You will also learn how to ground and how to bring in forgiveness for all things in your life. You will understand much more about what true love is and how it can help you in your life.

2: Protection, clearing and Being
Do you desire to understand your energetic self greater? Do you desire to understand why a protective field is necessary for you if you desire to grow with love? Learn how to do this, and experience it. A new level of forgiveness is learned greater in this lesson, and you will feel more love and harmony growing within you.

3: Learning to step away from pain
Experience the greater Violet Flame. Here you will feel greater love flowing within, and the flows become more evident in your life. What are the lower programmes, and how can you identify and heal them greater to help you heal in your life? You will learn to connect with higher level Spirit Guides and your energy field increases with higher love vibrations. Your connection with love increases. Your knowledge of the universe increases.

4: Thought and self-forgiveness
This week your self healing abilities strengthen. Your wisdom within you increases and you will feel it growing. You will have a greater understanding of how to manifest more love and abundance in your life as your knowledge grows of your energetic world and your energetic self. Your love for all increases. Feel and experience the changes of love within you.

5: Communicating with spirit and greater discovery of you
Do you know how to open your heart to your loved ones? What is it like to truly explore the greater heart of love? Do you desire to know how to open to spirit, and how you can help your loved ones in spirit to ascend? You won’t want to miss out on this information.

6: Gaining wisdom
How do you manifest a higher life and overcome challenges in your life with high loving guidance? How do you detach from pain on deep levels? Learn how you can make higher decisions with greater guidance. Learn about your life lessons and how to go to higher love experiences.
Learn how understanding your life lessons helps you gain greater wisdom, so that you do not need to go through the pain lessons, time and time again.

7: Living life with compassion
Learning to understand the higher way of life is learning to walk a truly blessed life. Do you desire to connect to Divine greater? How do you become more of love, and feel greater love coming within you? True spiritual growth comes from being able to go deeper and learning to go deep within your heart. Learning to live a life filled with compassion is truly the way of love.
How blessed your life will become by attending all these seven lessons. Are you experiencing the greatness in your life?

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