There are facts which humans cannot ignore unless they are being willfully ignorant. If one has some level of education and the ability to think objectively, then one does not need to listen to politicians to understand that:

  • Trees are being cut down at a great pace

  • Humans are being dumbed down by technology or poverty

  • Middle classes are under attack

  • There is an increasingly visible divide between the wealth held by the controllers and those afforded to the masses

  • Famine exists

  • War exists

  • Slavery exists, at many levels, the worst being generational slavery and trafficking

  • Torture exists which includes MK Ultra and satanic ritual abuse

  • Politicians lie at every opportunity

  • The mass media controls the thoughts of the people by peddling fear, in every aspect of human existence, or providing distractions in the form of entertainment

  • "Human rights" are being eroded as controls become increasingly invasive

  • "Rational" thinking is valued over acts of kindness and love

  • Greed is paramount to the controllers and their followers

  • Animals are becoming more extinct with the passing of the years

  • The very existence of this planet is under threat with time running out rapidly

  • Humans are divided at every possible level of society what with racism, sexism, patriotism, ageism, class structures etc.

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution is being rolled out, to eliminate humans altogether

So the question that needs to be answered is how does one stop one's own destruction, which is always painful, and save the people and the planet before the planet expires in 2030? 2030 is the date predicted by the scientists concerned about extinction of the planet and the human race. There is no time for human consciousness to come together because human consciousness:

  • agrees on nothing and prefers the endless divisions

  • fights once there is a divergence of opinion instead of finding the humility to work together for the good of all in the universe

  • assumes that the opinions of the individuals are the only ones which will provide solutions. This is arrogant given humans are not even aware of all the beings in creation who are infinitely more intelligent and more powerful than humans, nor do most humans have any awareness of their own reality which is described in the film The Matrix.

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