As there are differences between the experiences of war and peace, so there are differences between the experiences of fear consciousness and love consciousness. Humans are all skilled at existing within the confines of fear consciousness which limits intelligence and functionality one can access. Caeayaron is bringing new energies and options with him which will give us freedom and power. Look at some of the features of the different types of consciousness which exist.

Love Consciousness

  1. Work in the collective

  2. Responsibility for the self and others

  3. The spaces are unlimited and beings have free will to explore provided it is for the good of all.

  4. Law of Building Power

  5. Pineal Gland Activations which enable people to rise in frequency which frees them and provides them with tools to heal themselves, all of humanity and this plane.

  6. Eternal youth

  7. Gifts such as telepathy and telekinesis as standard

  8. Encouragement to break human programming and explore new spaces of free will

  9. Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great, Creator of consciousness who respects the universal law of free will and does not require to be worshipped

  10. High levels of abundance for all beings

  11. Strong connection with spirit guides and divine beings to receive guidance

  12. Rising vibrational frequency

  13. Increased intelligence and functionality as a result of increased access to DNA

Fear Consciousness

  1. Separation consciousness

  2. Victim consciousness

  3. This plane is one of limitations; one needs permission to do anything unless one is a controller

  4. Law of Attraction

  5. Religion and dark spirituality which blame humans for their condition and encourage followers to ignore war, greed, slavery, famine etc.

  6. Ageing

  7. Sickness, famine, "natural" disasters

  8. No change to a regime of war, greed, corruption and cruelty

  9. Gods who demand to be worshipped which is a flagrant disregard for the universal law of free will

  10. Poverty consciousness

  11. Programming via various forms of media and reductionism

  12. Low vibrational frequency

  13. Very limited functionality and intelligence due to low levels of access to DNA