I have always known that I came to this life to get to the next step. I did not know what that next step was but I knew this life was very important for my future lives. I knew this incarnation was the step to all my future life experiences. I also remember, when I was a child of about 8 years, being incensed at the realisation I was on the plane of limitations. I knew there were places, somewhere in the universe, wherein everything was possible and I was calmed by my guides telling me I was here to master conscious transformation of energy, because in the higher realms manifestion happens at the speed of thought.


Just before Christmas, in 2016, I came across Caeayaron, as channeled by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. I heard Caeayaron talk of pineal gland activations and never having to return to this plane of fear and pain, ever again. That was all I needed to hear. This was the next step I had come for.  Without further ado, I became alert to news of the next pineal gland activations. Alas, I heard about them about two weeks before they were to be held. I would not have been able to do Level 3, because of prior commitments. I felt sick at the thought there might not be any more. So I asked if they would be having more. To my eternal relief the answer was yes! So, as soon as I became aware of the dates of the next activations i.e. August 2017, I signed up and paid my money to do all three levels, which seemed important for me.

  • Level 1 enables one to return to the love realms never to return to this plane in future lives with some karma removed.

  • Level 2 provides greater healing and further karma removed.

  • Level 3 creates the strongest beings on this plane, after The Divine Love Element, who are completely free of karma and are able to assist with the Divine Ascension Programme to enable the energies of love to rise on this plane thus causing the awakening humans are experiencing. Spiritual growth, at this level, is far quicker than at the other two levels.

Caeayaron is funny and humble and powerful and knows each one of us. One is entirely clear that he knows one's thoughts. He desires to work with us, without judgement or persuasion, as we grow in understanding in spaces of free will. He provides a secure environment for us to grow in, because intelligence needs a safe environment to expand within. He is here to reveal all things so humans are entirely clear they have a choice about their own existence and where they prefer to be. As one builds a relationship with Caeayaron one cannot help but love him. This is so different from worship and far more beautiful. He is a kind teacher and allows each to travel at his or her own pace without judgement. He teaches us how to defend the free will of all and to respect their right to be. There are two rules in Caeayaron's spaces of love i.e. 1) love each other and Divine beings and 2) ensure all you do is for the greater good of all (in the universe). He works closely with The Galactic Federation of Light (and love) Society who have designed the Divine Ascension Programme to help humans escape Prison Planet, if they so wish. I love feeling safe and protected and I am so grateful to know that I can evolve as I wish whilst participatimg in freeing my fellow humans and healing this planet. Nothing is more important to me than seeing justice, love and peace come to this plane. Being on the winning team is just so refreshing and knowing we have the huge power of Divine beings backing us to achieve this is the greatest relief one could possibly imagine.