Welcome to a beautiful love experience
Welcome to the times of the greatest healings happening. Do you desire to feel the love coming through to you from the Divine Love Realms? Do you desire to experience deeper peace and healing coming within you?
Your Angelic Love Healer has been magnetically attuned by THE GREAT CAEAYARON, through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who is his Universal Light Grid Programmer, and Divine Love Element. His Angelic Attunements allow the greater love healings to come through, as your Angelic Love Healer is a Star Sacred World Healer, and thus it is the Angelic Realms of very high love who will help you with a healing. The healing you receive will be beautiful, and you will be within so much love. ,
Your facilitator will not need to touch you at all, so please do not be concerned about that. It is just so relaxing, and you will feel the flows of love within you growing

Your Angels of Love will come to you

Your Angels want you to heal so much, but they know that healing does not only happen on a physical level, but also on a deeper level, as you are so beautiful you do not understand. Your energetic body, when it receives healing from the highest Beings of Love, with the most loving forces from Above, will receive new instructions on how you can live a more beautiful life. This is a magnificent blessing for you.
Know how much the Angels from the highest love realms love you so much, and they desire you to be in the peace and the love. They desire you to understand how beautiful they are and how they can give you protection from your inner fears.
You may like to bring an intention, all that you desire to heal. You do not need to share this with your facilitator who brings through the healing from the greatest love realms. Know, it is not them who do the healings, but it is the greater realms. Your facilitator is attuned to Angelic Streams of Love by CAEAYARON.
Being in the gratitude also allows you to have a greater healing experience. Allow, and relax. Open your heart to the Great Love of The GREAT CAEAYARON. Ask him to be there with you, and you will feel his love energy for you. He is inviting you to see him, on a spiritual level, to allow you to understand the Divine Pathway upwards, as now is the time of the healing and the love to come to our earth.
He cares for you so very much, and if you desire to reach out to him, you will feel him in your life more and more. Be grateful to CAEAYARON. Be grateful to your facilitator who is working hard to allow the great Loving Angels to come through to help you in your life.

After your healing

Know the healings will continue to flow in however way you need it. You may feel tired, or you may have more energy. Everyone is different. Rest if you feel tired. Know you are going through beautiful healing processes.
During your healing, you release many toxins so please drink filtered fresh water during the rest of the day and the three days following your beautiful healing.
You can state the forgiveness statement of CAEAYARON regularly to bring healing and love even greater. You will be surprised how much this will help you.

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