Links to excellent information on some of the illusions humans consider to be reality using information gathered by humans. These links are proposed to help people bridge the gap between "What is" and the lies we have been fed, if one is battling to understand Caeayaron and his teachings. We need to allow our illusions to be shattered to get to the one Divine truth. 

Note: All advice from Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great is not to follow humans but rather one's own heart. That pretty much means disconnecting from TV, religion, spirituality, pharmaceuticals, materialism. Only then can one get in touch with one's own heart and guidance.


Truthseekers know that humans are controlled and that this is the end of times. They have a holistic view of human reality because they learn about many subjects to arrive at the bigger picture. One of the reasons humans cannot see the bigger picture is because they are lost in reductionism. There are a number of truthseekers like Mark Passio, Robert Sepehr, David Icke, Russell Brand......

Michael Tellinger:

The Hidden History of Humanity:

Michael Tsarion: &

Susan Lindauer speaks on her knowledge of 911:

Michael Cremo: Forbidden archaeology and human devolution

Mark Passio Genetic modification by the Anunnaki:

Ivan van Sertima Re-writing African history:

Graham Hancock Fingerprints of the gods


An insight into the controllers


This is important because Caeayaron talks about humans being owned by the dark ones. These links show you how that ownership works.

Strawman The Nature of the Cage:

Jordan Maxwell a leader in explaining Admiralty Law:

The company which has overrun America:

Money, Taxes and Corporate Structure

Modern Money Mechanics i.e. how money really works:

Definition of money by Walker F. Todd:

Global Debt Facility:

An insight into banking

The Four Horsemen

Aaron Russo From Freedom to Fascism

Robert Steele Zionism, Middle East and Central Banks




Food Inc.


The Truth about McDonalds

Technology and Science

Cathy O'Brien: Trance Formation of America

Barrie Trower Wi-Fi A Thalidomide in the Making

Nassim Harramein The Construction of the Pyramids

Supersoldier Duncan O'Finioan

Supersoldier Max Spiers

TV Flicker Rate for mind control

Propaganda and manipulating the masses