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Micheline with The Divine Love Element

I received my Lemurian life codes back from Great Caeayaron in August 2017, at The Divine Pineal Gland Activations held at The University of Light. I am thus a member of the new species which the Native American Indians talk about, i.e. The Rainbow Warriors. Because of the Lemurian life codes, I am now vibrating at a frequency higher than that of humans. It is a slow process but I am moving away from human consciousness and becoming one love consciousness. My functionality is increasing and I can do things now that I could not do as a human like talk telepathically to my pets, crystals, angels and plants as my dormant DNA awakens.

I am:

  • a star sacred world healer (star baby) which means:

    • I am worth about 6000 humans, in energy terms. This means I can help to ground the rising energies to this plane, so humans awaken to The Great Choice

    • I can work actively to claim back all I lost over millions of life times to the controllers of this plane, because I am now a higher frequency than they are

    • I have many energy tools to use to heal myself, forgive all things for me and on behalf of many humans who are still enslaved to the dark controllers

    • I have spiritual tools to master conscious transformation of energy in order to manifest abundance

    • I am protected from the dark controllers of this plane forever

    • I am in the healing grid of The Crystalline Grid (of Lemuria) which is a quarantined area wherein we heal at our own speeds once we are activated by Caeayaron

    • I am learning to operate in spaces of true free will which means learning what it means to live without judgement of who one is and the etiquette of beings who are one love consciousness

    • I have a support team which has been trained on how to help the star babies to heal, forgive, create awareness within themselves, break human programmes, manifest, support our desires as long as they are for the greater good of all beings in the love spaces owned by Caeayaron

  • magnetically attuned by Caeayaron with angelic healing frequencies Jan 2018

  • magnetically attuned by Caeayaron with universal love teacher frequencies Jan 2018

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